Monday, November 15, 2010

Dana Lee Fox

I was asked during the summer by my dear friend Dana Lee if our family would be willing to come hangout at her parents home for the weekend so I could capture her father's 60th Birthday party and take some casual family photos for their family. I was tempted to say no because of the hassle it is to take your kids on a short weekend trip. However Brandon and I both felt we could do it, Dana Lee does so much for our family, and our kids would be fine. Fast forward to now and my friend passed away a few weeks ago with complications from surgery. I had no idea the significance these photos would have when I took them. I'm so thankful I was able to use my talent in this way and give something special to her family that will be cherished. Dana Lee was like a sister for me. She loved my kids so much and was so helpful when I was overwhelmed. Brandon is the primary chorister in our ward and worked closely with Dana Lee who was the Primary President. She will be a friend that will always be missed by many.

Dallin was her D Man. She loved him and he could often be found at church in her arms. I even caught her glaring at others a few times if they were holding him.