Friday, January 23, 2009

12 week Challenge

I got this challenge from my friend Beth. I think I can do it. Feel free to join in.

The premise of the 12 week challenge is to achieve a set of goals every day, each being worth one point:

1. Seven hours of sleep (not necessarily consecutive)
2. 45 minutes of exercise (not necessarily consecutive)
3. 64 ounces of water
4. No sweets
5. No soda, unhealthy snacks, or bad fast food
6. Eat two servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit
7. No eating after dinner, or 8pm
8. 15 minutes of scripture reading or other religious text
9. Write in your journal (any length)
10. Express sincere appreciation or praise to your spouse (or someone special)

***SUNDAYS are FREE POINTS DAYS, where you may do/eat whatever you like

I did forget to update my push up challenge. I was able to complete the 6 weeks. However it took me more like 8 weeks. Sadly I was never able to reach the one hundred push ups. The good news is I went from being able to max out at 23 all the way to 70 push ups. For me that is a huge accomplishment.

I will try to update this challenge on my blog.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yipppeee!!! Snow Day!!!

We have been praying for snow. Brooklyn wakes up this morning and immediately says her prayers have been answered. We woke up to 4" of snow and it is still going. This is the most we have seen since we have lived here. It is so beautiful. I love the sound of the snow falling.

Camden does not have real snow clothes. I found my old yellow rain coat and turned it into pants for Camden. They don't look real attractive but they kept her warm.

Brooklyn is wearing her snow suit we got her when we lived in Pittsburgh. She refuses to hand it down even though she is close to flood height.

Camden was like this if I was not holding onto her hands. She did not like being left alone.

Stay tuned in for more pictures.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Project

I think this might be my newest project, a twirly skirt, for both my girls.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Texturizing a picture

Just playing around with some textures. I have never liked the result I get from pictures when using photoshop textures. My results usually are on the tacky side. With that said as Brooklyn and I were exploring the other day I was overwhelmed by the textures on all the different trees. Here is my first example.

Started out with a cute picture. I added some contrast, took out some red from her face, and increased the vibrancy.

Here is my texture I used. Pumped up the vibrancy to bring out the gold.

Here is the finished product. I think it turned out pretty good.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Exploring in the Forest/Backyard

Brooklyn's new favorite activity is exploring. She loves when Camden takes a nap because that is her and my time to explore in the backyard. She walks through the wooded part saying things such as, "Wow, it is so amazing!", "This is a beautiful forest.", "Why do people live in the middle of the forest?" It has been really fun for the both of us and better than watching TV. We finally took Camden out exploring today. Sadly she did not enjoy it that much. I think She fell in every hole and mud pit along the way.

Brooklyn and her telescope.

Brooklyn pointing in the direction we need go.

The first exploration finding, poop. I had to pull back Brooklyn's fingers before it was touched.

The second exploration finding, a bone.

This is her favorite spot out in the forest.

Brooklyn thought it was so cool she could jump across the water. She kept telling me not to worry.

Camden not having a very good time.

Camden trying to catch up to Brooklyn and just before she fell into mud.

Family photo session

Our family has not been photographed by another photographer since our wedding. We have always set up our tripod and shot away.

We finally decided to allow someone else take our photos. Thanks Julia for going out with us in the cold. We had a lot of fun although the girls struggled a little. I can't post all of them so I will post only a few.

Camden is off on the side doing her own thing.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Title Picture

I have to give props to the amazing Sloan Photographers for the idea with the new title picture. We went out this morning to experiment with the concept. I think it turned out well. It is too bad Brooklyn is a fast runner.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Picnic at the lake

I had fun with the family photographing seagulls at a recent picnic at the lake near our backyard.

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