Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer Fun

Summer of 2014 was filled with some fun little trips. We were able to take our kids on a trip to the Virginia Creeper trail. It is a couple hour bike ride down a mountain. We were not sure how our kids would handle this challenge. Brooklyn rode on her own and the other two were either in a wagon or tag a long bike. About an hour into the ride the heavens opened. The rain poured down on us as we attempted to keep moving. Camden and Dallin were covered in mud from head to toe. They were splattered with mud from the bigger bikes in front of them. After we cleaned ourselves up Brooklyn stated that was the hardest thing she has ever done. She did it with a strength I have never seen in her. We were able to talk about how when we trust in the Lord we can do all things even those that are really difficult.

Our next little trip was out to the North Carolina coast. We stayed at Atlantic Beach. It was beautiful and a lot of fun. We have had many stressful times at the beach due to a lot of over stimulation from the sounds and textures of the beach. However this year was different. Each kid was jumping in the water and taking in every aspect of the beach. It was exciting and scary at the same time. We kept floaties on Dallin and made sure there was always an adult nearby the other two when they were in the water. 

The rest of the summer was spent playing at our house and hanging out with friends.

I love North Carolina. I love that I get to raise my family in an incredible place. We have been blessed.