Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'll Get You My Pretty!!!

We went from beautiful princesses last year to wicked witches of the East and West. I am not sure they look really wicked however they sure look cute.

Just a side note. I made Brooklyn's dress while I was a Young Women for a project. My younger sister Tatum wore it for Halloween. I made Camden's skirt before our Ward Trunk or Treat.
I'll Get You My Pretty
Up, up, and away!!!
I'll Get You My Pretty
My little witches casting a spell on the tree.
I'll Get You My Pretty
Brooklyn trying to be scary or really cheesy.
I'll Get You My Pretty

I'll Get You My Pretty
Camden is now trying the flying thing.
I'll Get You My Pretty
Their most scariest witch faces.
I'll Get You My Pretty
This was taken after she got her face painted at a company party. Same amazing face painter from her birthday party. She looks a little wicked here.
I'll Get You My Pretty
Happy Halloween!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Add a Punch With Fabric

First of all I absolutely love this blog, Little Green Notebook. She is an amazing interior designer who makes her house look luxurious with very little money spent. The great thing about her site is she will share where she gets her items and she has tutorials on some small projects. She actually makes you believe you can do it yourself. I shared in the bedroom post how I want to make pelmet boxes like she did for her girls room. I did not even know what a pelmet box was until I read her blog. That is to show how little I know about design. So here are some fabrics I picked out from Calico Corners to use all over my house for window treatments, ottomans, and a fireplace hearth. There are so many great patterns to choose from.

This fabric I think could look good in my family room as a ottoman (coffee table turned into ottoman) or as my fireplace hearth cover.
Maybe in my kids room to add a bit of floral or some where else. I would definately need to order swatches.

Another floral I think could have a chance in my kids room. Not too much just a touch. I love all the colors. In my green and white kitchen. I would love to use this red floral for a pelmet box or stool cushions.
In my brown dining room for a pelmet box or curtains.

So all of this will have to just stay in my mind for now. This baby boy is coming and I need to chillax.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

2 Girls and a Boy Bedroom Update

So I have delayed posting more photos of what I have accomplished in my kids bedroom. I think I need to face the fact that I am not going to have everything I wanted done before the baby boy comes a long. The good thing he could careless and won't even be sleeping in the crib for the first few months. However I have accomplished a few projects and would like to share them with you. Now remember my style has completely changed since I found the Pottery Barn headboard covers and skirt marked down more than 75%. Also I am not a decorator and have no idea what I am doing. Here is the progress so far. Click here for before photos.

I found this frame and small table at the local Goodwill.

2 girls and a boy bedroom

2 girls and a boy bedroom

I then turned the frame and table into this.

2 girls and a boy bedroom2 girls and a boy bedroom

This is where I have hung the painting from my friend Beth.

headboards and painting

I did end up painting the room yellow changing it from that blue color. I will have to go back and fix all of my errors when I am not pregnant and impatient. However I think it turned out great.

2 girls and a boy bedroom
This is what is completed at the moment. Things on my bucket list. Change bedding to white adding some colored trim, complete crib, create photo wall of photos of kids after baby boy comes, create workstation in dormer, make these pelmet boxes for the windows, and create reading corner. I wish I had someone that knew how to reupholster because that chair really could use it. I am pleased with how it has turned out and hope I can continue along the inexpensive path of creating a bedroom for my kiddies. Now if I could only figure out Craigslist so I can stay on the inexpensive side.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Being Sick: A Proposal

Nothing is fun about being sick. One day you are fine. Fitter. Happier. More productive. Comfortable. Then... BAM!!! You wake up vomiting.

This is especially exasperated when wife and number 2 experience the same symptoms within hours.

And what adds to the miserable state of being sick is the complete exhaustion that precludes the desire to do any amount of maintaining order in the home. Clothes pile up. Emptying the trash is delayed. Saltine cracker crumbs cover the furniture.

You start cursing yourself that you didn't register for the 32-person flatware set at your wedding. "When will we ever need to feed 32 people?" The answer is "Only when the family is sick. And no one feels like doing dishes for 5 days."

And so I had an epiphany while watching the third straight Cosby Show episode(*) this afternoon laying down on the couch. The current health care reform discussion is focusing on the wrong issues. Clearly what this country needs is home sick care. Not where doctors visit you at home. No, what we need is professionals to step in and take over home duties.

I think such a government benefit would be quite popular with taxpayers. Imagine emerging from your sickbed and the house is sparkling. Fresh sheets. Bath towels fluffy. And children taken care of during the affected duration.

Of course this is all conditioned on both parents being sick. Or, in the case of single-parent families, one parent. And you have to pay taxes. And, maybe to keep costs down, only the virus I currently have qualifies.

I'll probably deny I made this proposal when I become fitter, happier, more productive, comfortable.

(*) Mind you, this Cosby Show episode is one of my favorites entitled "Once Upon a Time" where Rudy writes a fairy tale and it is acted out in her fantasy by the other characters of the show.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dormer Window Space

Yellow Room After
I want to build a desk in this dormer. It is a useless space. It usually is where the large toys get placed and it looks like the junk dormer. If anyone has ideas on how to accomplish this please share.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Field Trip

Brooklyn had her first field trip this past week. I was lucky enough to go as a chaperone and only have Brooklyn and one girl in my group. Thank goodness for many parent volunteers. We drove out to a local pumpkin patch that had many activities for the kids to participate in. I may have had just as much fun as the kids.
A farm in Autumn is not complete without a corn maze. The girls could not wait to go through the maze and were very proud when they found their way out.
Field Trip
This was a mini maze made out of bails of hay.
Field Trip
Brooklyn and her groupmate.
Field Trip

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Aprons at Peppermint Pantry!!!

Here is a darling etsy store called Peppermint Pantry. The cutest homemade aprons are sold on this site. Great Holiday gifts for anyone or a gift for yourself. I absolutely love this paisley apron.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

U u unicorn

Brooklyn and I watched a session of Church conference at the chapel. To help her not get restless, I let her play a word game on my iPhone. The game is digital form of flashcards with a picture of an animal and the first letter.

"ah ah aligator."

"buh buh bee."

Brooklyn got through most of the alphabet as I only half paid attention. Then she got to "U".

"uh uh ugly."

She got my attention. "Wait. What?" I look down to see a unicorn representing the letter "U". This takes me by surprise as Brooklyn is not shy to express her appreciation of a majesticly drawn unicorn.

"uh uh ugly." Brooklyn says.

"but why do you think the unicorn is ugly?"

"Because this one doesn't have any hair and has funny eyes."

Upon taking a closer look, it is one of the more ugly unicorns I've encountered.