Monday, February 04, 2013

Closet Doors

I've been on a kick lately. I have been removing a few closet doors in our house. After the third closet door was removed Brooklyn came home asking what closet was next. Here are just a few photos.

The first two closets are in the kids room. The closet doors were the tri fold doors. I hate them. We have a few broken throughout the house. I think in their room I will add curtains in the doorway. 

The third closet is our coat closet next to the front door. I want to find baskets to cover blankets and diapering stuff. Hopefully the diapering stuff will be gone soon. I think a really fun color could be fun inside the closet. 

My next plan is to add a shoe cabinet right under Brooklyn's art work. I think I might start taking off all doors. That way our house can be considered an open floor plan. 

Friday, February 01, 2013

Camden is 6!!!!!!!

I can't believe she is 6. She has definitely taught me a lot since she was a baby. This is from her one year birthday party. This year we are going to take her to build a bear with a friend and Brooklyn. She is a happy, energetic, and determined girl. She loves Kindergarten and her teachers.

Fall 2012 1
Fall 2012 2

Camden loves music and dancing most of all. Her favorite song right now is "Some Nights" by Fun. She is still trying to figure out the reading thing but wants nothing to do with learning sight words and small books. She wants to read what Brooklyn is reading. She creates her own stories as she is looking through the many pages of words. She is very close to independently riding her bike without training wheels. I am so proud everything she has accomplished so far. Happy Birthday Camden!