Monday, June 30, 2008

I've been Tagged

A*age 27

B*birthday March 6th
C*candy or cake The cake has to be Death by Chocolate Cake
D*dessert you love- Things made with good dark rich chocolate
E*easiest person to talk to-myself
F*favorite song-Such Great Heights
G*gold or silver-platinum
H*habit-too many
I*instruments you play-I wish
J*Job title-mom
L*love or lust-dumb
M*Married, single or taken-married
N*next to you-my phone
O*one wish-That is funny I was just asking Brandon about this. We just got done watching BIG. Hmmm. Right now I would wish for bugs to stop eating my plants.
P*person you called last-my sister in law Bethany
Q*Quotes-Be Aggressive Be Be Aggressive (Just came from gymnastics)
R*reasons to smile-My family
S*steak or pork-steak
T*turns you on-I am not going to answer this.
U*unique talent-I can't think of anything.
V*vegetable-Yes please.
W*woke up at what time-8:00AM
X*xrays you have had-Just Dental
Y*your favorite color-Red
Z*zodiac sign-Pisces

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Durham Bulls Date

Tassi and I were treated by IBM to a free weeknight Durham Bulls game on Tuesday. They played the Dandusky Something Something. It was fun to be out and together. We saw some of my fellow IBMers at the game, including my manager and his family. I took some shady pictures with my phone...

Tassi and I speculated what the black fabric hanging from the building in right field was for. I claimed it was because the glass is perpendicular to the field, unlike the other glass in the building, thus it was more liked to break due to the massive amounts of home runs the minor league experiences. Tassi said it was because the sun is too bright for the sensitive lawyers that occupy the ground floor. So we asked. We were both partly right. The building is new this season. The angle of the window combined with the lights from the stadium were affecting batters, causing a glare.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Brooklyn and I were enjoying a nice day in the yard when we happened upon these creatures. Brooklyn kept telling me not to worry because they are her friends the spider and the snake.

What is the ugly white round thing underneath the spider?

I was weeding right in this flowerbed a few minutes before we saw this head.

Sorry nature lovers but I had to kill the spider. It was just too big to have around.

I apologize for the shaky video but the little bugger was too fast.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Go Wallabies!!!

Brooklyn just finished up her first year of soccer. She loved it. The part she enjoyed the most was when the coach would blow his whistle. She would then blow her pretend whistle.

She loved playing goalie.

She is very intimidating on the field.

Camden was a great cheerleader. It was so blistery hot outside.

Brooklyn and Miles.

Their poor coach had no clue how to interact with 3-4 four year olds. It was very entertaining to watch.

Brooklyn has been sleeping with her trophy. The trophy is made to look like a girl with a ponytail. After she received it I told Brooklyn she has a ponytail like you. Brooklyn replies, "I know mom. It's me."


This past week we had Tatum and her boyfriend Chase for a visit. We took a day trip to the beach and it ended with Tatum being stung by a stingray. Yes that is the same thing Steve Irwin died from but Tatum's was in her ankle not her heart. She is recovering fine. Thankfully we had Chase here to help out.

Camden was much more confident at the beach. She is also walking.

Brooklyn is very wary when it comes to being in water especially when it involves putting her face all the way under. Brooklyn watched Castaway one night with Brandon. She was very much affected by Wilson floating away from Tom Hanks. She teared up and cried he is losing his friend.

Well Chase found it funny that Brooklyn was so concerned about the soccer ball touching the water. She told him to leave it on the sand. So Chase does the exact opposite and kicks into the water. My daughter likes to run or I guess you could call it prancing. But I have never seen her run like this before. She would make a track coach proud. She had no concern about her body or the water. She dove into the water face first to catch the soccer ball. With ball in hand she walked right up to Chase and set him straight where the ball needed to stay. She then walked up to me with a strut and a very confident almost cocky expression said, "I just went all the way underwater." I wish so bad I would have had a picture.


Sorry for the overload of pictures but there are just so many to share.

Not an overcast day it was very smokey. Just thought you would be interested.

These flowers are named statice. Very pretty papery like blossom.

Pink wave petunias. I thought the slugs got them but they are thriving now.

My long front flowerbed.

They're back. Very bad Japanese Beetles. I need to bring out the soapy water to kill them. Right after I took this the beetle flew right at me.

Yea!! My tomato and peppers are huge. My tomatoes are taller than me.

I love these flowers. I saw these in AZ at an AJ's market. The name is Angelonia. They grow well with little upkeep.

My butternut squash. Ants have been terrorizing my squash plants.

I love these bright red petunias.

I have never grown this variety. They look like a petunia but their name is Torenia.

In the back of our yard Brooklyn and I threw down some wild flower seeds.

My first harvest. Isn't it the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. I bet you can't wait for the tomatoes and pepper pictures.

I love impatiens. They are such a happy flower.

I call this box my melon box. I have cantaloupe and watermelon growing. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, and butternut squash growing in this box. The leaves are enormous on my plants.

Pepper flowers.

I planted this flower last year. I am currently having a brain fart. I can't remember the name.

My beautiful verbena. Brandon hates this flower but I think they are pretty.

More beautiful wildflowers.

Again I am sorry for all of the plant pictures. I think they are so pretty. Stay tuned for more. I almost get a tear in my eye when Brooklyn calls a plant by its correct name.

Virginia Beach Vacation

During the week of Memorial Day we had the opportunity to vacation at Virginia Beach with five other families from our old Pittsburgh Ward. We had so much fun reuniting with old friends and meeting new friends. Here are just a few pictures from the vacation.

Our family Sunday canoe ride.

Brandon was a great driver.

The big boys created a complex block stacking game. Each one kept trying to top the next boy until it crashed.

Can you see the intensity.

First day on the beach. The weather was beautiful.

Camden was a little unsure but got use to it rather quickly.

Brooklyn calls this swimsuit her cheerleader one. I have no idea were that came from.

We had one rainy day. Our family and our friends the Johnsons went to the Aquarium. Here is Brooklyn posing for the picture as her friend Felix is concentrating on the mist.

I know this picture is blurry but what a cutie. Rex was born after we had left Pittsburgh.

I thought this looked like Jaws in the movie coming towards the underwater tunnel. I think it's from Jaws 3.

This is us inside of Jaws mouth.

Oldest Lighthouse in U.S. government history.

Brandon and me on top of the oldest lighthouse. The one behind us is the new one that was completely constructed in Pittsburgh.

Scott and Brandon took Brooklyn and Felix for a canoe ride.

I hope there are enough pictures to satisfy you.