Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brooklyn, I love you!!!

Today Brooklyn and I butted heads all day long. We were both grouchy and had no patience left in our bodies. But I just wanted to state that even after a rough day I still love and adore her. She can brighten my day with her warm hugs and her sweet voice when she says "I love you mom."


  1. I love her too. She is so beautiful. And the kitchen is lovely. I drool over greens. So fresh and light.

  2. You are such a sweet and sensitive mom. I wish I had half your patience and calmness.

  3. SUCH a cute picture!

    Lily and I spend most days butting heads. I go into her room every night before I go to bed to look at her sweet sleeping face and the guilt washes over me. I think to myself, "Tomorrow will be better." and then I of course find myself in the exact same place the next night.

    I know I'm going to long for these days some day. I'm just not sure if that's an even scarier commentary on what's to come! :)

    Cute post Tassi!

  4. Hey Tassi,

    Your family is so cute! Your kitchen looks awesome! Talk to you soon!


  5. Man, Im glad Im the aunt because we never butt heads, or if we do, I can give them back to their mommies and daddies! haha you can give me comfort when I have my own kids and we butt heads!

  6. What a perfect illustration of so many of my days ;) We all tend to get a bit impatient and stubborn with each other, but thank heaven we get new chances the next day, and children are little miraculous forgivers! :)