Monday, February 04, 2013

Closet Doors

I've been on a kick lately. I have been removing a few closet doors in our house. After the third closet door was removed Brooklyn came home asking what closet was next. Here are just a few photos.

The first two closets are in the kids room. The closet doors were the tri fold doors. I hate them. We have a few broken throughout the house. I think in their room I will add curtains in the doorway. 

The third closet is our coat closet next to the front door. I want to find baskets to cover blankets and diapering stuff. Hopefully the diapering stuff will be gone soon. I think a really fun color could be fun inside the closet. 

My next plan is to add a shoe cabinet right under Brooklyn's art work. I think I might start taking off all doors. That way our house can be considered an open floor plan. 


  1. My closets could never be so airy because they hide too much. I applaud your organization!

  2. I cleaned up before I took the photos. Everything was pushed back behind me.