Thursday, January 31, 2008

For last time, SHE IS A GIRL!!!

I never let the ignorance of people get to me when Brooklyn was a baby. She usually only had very old men calling her a boy. She had more hair so I was able to pull it up with ribbons.

Today was the last straw. Within ten minutes, Camden was called a boy three times.

The first conversation occurred at the doctors office with new office lady.
OFFICE LADY: "What a big boy! When is his birthday?"
Me: "HER birthday is January 29th."
OFFICE LADY: "Oh, I am sorry. I just saw the blue jeans and jacket."
Me: (thinking) "What? So you assume she is a boy because only boys wear blue jeans and jackets. There must be some really cold baby girls."

Whatever, right? I walked out of there not to bothered. Not more than 30 seconds later the next incident happened.
(Man holds door open at the office building)
Man: "Come on out."
Me: "Thank you."
Man: " Cute boy. Hey there buddy!"
Me: (thinking, again) "Seriously! Are you kidding me."

When I leave a doctors office it is very typical to have a prescription to fill. Camden and I head on over to the pharmacy.
(Walk up to check out counter. Place Camden on counter.)
Checkout Man: "What a cute boy. How old is he?"
Me: "SHE is one." (face feeling hot)
Checkout man: "Oh I am sorry I just saw the blue shirt."
Me: "Girls can wear blue."
Checkout man: "Yeah, sorry I just stereotyped her."

So next time this happens and the person uses the blue shirt excuse. Do I have the right to say so that makes you a man because you are not wearing pink or vice versa? I will let you all know how that one turns out.


  1. Here. Here.

    I vote that boys are no longer allowed to wear blue. It looks much better on girls anyway.

  2. Way better. Especially when worn with something white. Reminds me of those excellent Love Boat episodes.

  3. EVERYONE thinks cooper is a girl. even when he is in blue...there's just no winning this one.

  4. You are going out today to get some pink ruffles and lace, right! I was amazed at how many times I was told I couldn't buy blue or red for my little girls. I told my in-laws that I liked the way Amelia looked in blue because of her eyes so they went out and bought her hideous denim dresses with gingham and eyelet lace all over them. Apparently, if you are going to put your little girl in denim you have to plaster her with eyelet lace as well. Sad!!

  5. It's so frustrating! Even when she was covered in HEAD to TOE PINK, people STILL called Lily a boy.

    It makes for a funny post though. :)

    I love Nina's comment! Too funny, and so true!

  6. People STILL call Rory a boy. Unless they have a bow plopped right in the middle of their head, all babies are boys. So far Hudson hasn't been mistaken for a girl, but we'll see.

  7. Gotta love the older generations of people. I had a 12 year old boy ask me if Addi {who by the way was decked out in pink w/ earrings, a bow & bracelet} was a boy or girl. I was so appalled that I just asked him, " boys wear bows?" Ha...your girls are so beautiful! I cannot believe Camden is one already! Crazy! The picture you took of your friend's baby is sooooo cute! Way to go!

  8. I had a woman say Lucia was the cutest little baby boy the other day. I looked at her like she was crazy- she was in a pink and white dress, a bow on her head, and have you seen my outrageously pink girlie car seat cover? I guess boys in pink is the new thing too!

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