Thursday, January 03, 2008

My second sewing project

So I have this wonderful skirt that I wore for Annie Hogle (Evan's) wedding. I absolutely love it but always felt it was to formal for church because it was long. I loved the fabric and never wanted to give it away because it was made by her grandma. So I came up with this brilliant idea of making a skirt for Brooklyn and a jumper for Camden. I thought the finish product was beautiful. The girls looked adorable.


  1. I am impressed!! I loved those skirts too!

  2. Wow- you are such a talent! What a fun idea. I wish you were closer!

  3. So cute!
    I am seriously impressed.
    You've gotten more use out of your sewing machine in the few months that you've had it than I have in the 2 years I've had mine.

  4. great idea! You did a good job!