Friday, February 22, 2008


Brandon and I lately have been trying to keep a very tight budget. So I have been trying not to go to the grocery store more than once a week. Today, I had nothing I could just pull out of the cupboards or the fridge to make dinner quickly just raw ingredients. I pulled out my trusty Better Homes and Garden cookbook and found a recipe for homemade pasta. Never made it, always wanted to but thought it would be too hard without a pasta maker. Well it was very hard but a great workout. I decided I would use some ground turkey to make some stuffed ravioli. They are not the prettiest looking ravioli but it was delicious.

Looks real healthy, right? Next time I will plan to make more of a healthy dish when I have more ingredients to play with.

This is what happens when I am too involved with dinner.

Table for cooking times:
Bow ties, large or tiny 2-3 min
Fettuccine 1.5-2 min
Lasagna 2-3 min
Linguine 1.5-2 min
Noodles 1.5-2 min
Ravioli 7-9 min
Tortellini 7-9 min


  1. Look at you, Martha!
    way to go; it looks delish.

  2. tassi, you are amazing. cooking, sewing. . .i would never be brave enough to attempt those!

  3. OK, so we were in the same situation last night. But all I could come up with was chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. You truly are an inspiration to me.

  4. Ambitious! I made ravioli with my roomies at BYU once WITH a pasta maker and it was time-consuming! It was delish, though!! I cannot believe Camden is one already! The cake with her feet around it made me laugh! So cute...

  5. Way to stick to a budget. And by passing up those dresses, think of all the dinner money you have saved :)