Thursday, February 21, 2008

Update on Easter Dresses

I can stop feeling sorry for myself or the girls that they will not be wearing those beautiful dresses from Gymboree. I went by the store the other day and right on the tag it read "Dry Clean Only." That is a disaster waiting to happen. I think I will purchase dresses made from the fabric of our lives.


  1. Smart choice! Have you seen anything else you like? I wish my girls would let me dress them, but NO WAY.

  2. Okay...I know it's not quite as good, and it's missing the bow...but it's also made of cotton, and probably quite a bit cheaper. Go to this website and scroll down 6 rows and you will see a dress ALMOST like the neapolitan one you liked. I saw it in the store yesterday and it reminded me of you...anyway, it's worth a shot!