Thursday, July 17, 2008

South and Martin 2008 Family Reunion

Over the Fourth of July weekend my family and my Mom had the opportunity of attending a family reunion in the mountains just a few hours from us. We had so much fun meeting extended family that I have never known. We also heard many great stories about my Ancestors.

Camden was so cute and clean when we first got there.

This happened within an hour of arriving. She sat right down in a muddy puddle.

She loved it and kept trying to go right back to the puddle.

Brooklyn had a blast throwing rocks with the boys.

Camden showing her American pride.

Brooklyn ready for fireworks. She pretends to be so brave. She nervously laughs through the whole firework display. It was so cool hearing them echo off the mountains.

Brooklyn loved running up the hill and back down. It was so green and beautiful.

Camden and I ready to take a cute picture until she grabbed my hair.

Brooklyn with my Great Uncle DA who I have not seen in a few years. We love him and enjoyed spending time with him. He is full of stories.

Brandon and the girls at the little baptist church that was started by my ancestors. We attended a family church service there on Sunday morning.

This picture was taken right outside of the church.

A very cute and quaint church.

After lunch we were able to take a hay ride on up to one of the family cemeteries where my great great grandparents were buried and few other relatives.

My mom, Uncle DA, Camden, and Brooklyn.

View from the cemetery.

Camden searching for her Ancestors under their grave markings.

Just a little bit of history. This is an old Saloon alongside the road where many family members sold moonshine from.

This was hanging in the bathroom. The picture says the ceiling is the same ceiling that was in the home of my great great grandparents last home. The boards were in the parlor and when the house was torn down in 2001 they used them to build the bathroom at the park we were at.

We learned that my great grandparents spent most of their courtship in my great great grandparents parlor. There was such a neat feeling while sitting on the toilet knowing that my ancestors sat under the same ceiling.


  1. How incredible to see so much of your own history!!! What an experience!!! Great pictures, by the way. I love the hair-pulling shot. We have a couple of those too.

  2. What a cool thing it must have been to experience so much family history in such a personal way. I think you really summed it up with,

    "There was such a neat feeling while sitting on the toilet knowing that my ancestors sat under the same ceiling." You are too funny!

    Really though, what a fun trip. And how cool your mom could be there too.

    p.s. Is your uncle's name really DA? Do you call him D.A. or is it pronounced, Dah?

  3. You pronounce the letters individually as if they were initials. However it is spelled without periods. DA.

  4. I was enjoyimg reading about your ancestors and then you put in that bit about the toilet and I died laughing.. you are so funny..!!

  5. Your girls are darling, Tassi!