Monday, August 04, 2008

Brooklyn is three no more, she is four!

Yea! Brooklyn is four. We decided this year we would celebrate her birthday as a family. Her idea to celebrate was going to the mall and choosing the stores where she wanted to go in. She also chose where we ate. We also had Tiffaney and Todd's family over last Sunday for a fun post birthday party dinner. Brooklyn even blessed her birthday that happened awhile go in her blessing on the food. She had a lot fun and keeps talking about what will happen on her birthday next year. Here are some fun pictures from the past four years.

First day in hospital

Blessing day

First bath

I have always loved these pictures with both Grandma Georga and Grandma Melba. The look on their faces are so sweet.
Grandma Georga

Grandma Melba

One year old

2-2 1/2 years old

3 years old

Four years old

She usually will have food or dirt stuck to her face.

Loves wearing skirts but needs her tennis or soccer shoes to help her run fast or jump high.

Loves helping dad in any projects.

She loves to help me water the flowers and really loves to pick them.

She loves fashion. She might have a future as a makeup artist. She made a mess that day. The funny thing is she thought she looked fabulous.

Adores her sister.


  1. Wow do I love my little Brooklyn or what! My favorite picture is her bruised face...i mean makeup! haha I loved after she was born when you stayed with us and I got to help you take care of little week old Brooklyn! She is so sweet! I can't wait to see you guys in November!

  2. So cute! Happy Bday Brooklyn!

    I want to know which stores were worthy of her presence! And where does a 4-year old want to eat in celebration of herself?

    p.s. What cute photos, Tassi.

  3. She went to the Apple Store, Pottery Barn Kids, and the Gap.

    She wanted pasta and she selected Maggiano's.

  4. Happy Birthday Brooklyn! You need to come over soon and play princess stuff w/Priya. You are a beautiful princess and we love having you around!

  5. Happy bday Brooklyn. She was beautiful from day one. And she's such a fun personality too. It will be fun to see her grow up.
    Great photos. I'm taking in 2 weeks here, do you want to fly down and take it with me :)

  6. Happy Birthday Brooklyn. Such a beautiful girl!