Saturday, August 09, 2008

Push up Challenge Update

Brandon and I completed the second week of the push up challenge. We are progressing very well. We both have completed up to 40 push ups in a row. Those that chose to start the program, keep it up and those that have not started there is always time. It has been fun for Brandon and I to do it in the morning together. We even have both girls taking turns on the mat. Brooklyn claims she does one million and Camden raises her head up and down while grunting as if she is counting each one. Have fun!


  1. I just finished the first week, and I'm SO happy! Thanks for sharing this program, I'm excited for the rest! :) Shyre also likes to "work out" with me ;)

  2. Okay. So, somehow I started on the 2nd week, surprisingly. And this 3rd week is a real KICK IN THE PANTS! YEOW! 84 pushups?! Or am I just completely mixed up? (I still love it, though :)

  3. Yep 87 days til the suns! No dork, my wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!