Friday, November 14, 2008

A funny thing happened while riding on the airplane

Airplanes and children do not like each other. Our family recently took the perilous four hour journey across the United States by way of Southwest airlines. This was the first time that Brooklyn (4) was old enough to appreciate certain experiences on the airplane. For instance, she wanted to sit next to the window so she could look out and see the ground. She was very aware that we were up in the sky.

However, I was not prepared for one of her observations. On takeoff, Brooklyn noted that we were about to go through clouds. Almost upon immediate entry into the white fluff, the airplane experienced turbulence. Perhaps related, and perhaps not. However, she commented, that we must have "bumped into the clouds." After making it through a brief clearing, she saw we were about to enter into another cloud. "Clouds, Daddy, hold on!"

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