Friday, November 21, 2008

Tatum's wedding

Yea!!! Tatum and Chase were married. We were so happy we got to be apart of this happy day. Tatum let me and Niko come along and take some pictures. There is nothing fancy about the photos. It was just fun to document the day.

Leaving for the Temple.

Just Married!

Chase Rasmussen Presidential Candidate in 2028 or 2032!

Brandon and Camden. I thought this picture was so cute. However she was probably causing her body to be limp because Brandon was dragging her somewhere she did not want to go or maybe they were dancing.

The dresses were so cute on all of the girls.

Trey and Camden. Camden has become quite the smoocher on this trip. She loves handing them out.

My mom and dad.

My lovely sister Tobi.

Tara my sister and Matt her husband.

My beautiful mom.

My mom and the granddaughters. We could not get the boys over fast enough to get a picture with all of the grandkids.

Camden innocently playing with the water fountain.

Camden now quenching her thirst at the water hole.

Now she is just sticking her face in.

Thankfully we were in AZ and the low was probably in the 60's. The wetness did not seem to bother them too much.

My brother Tait and his wife Bethany.

Brandon and Trey. It is too bad Brandon and I don't have any pictures together.

There is me. I rarely post pictures of myself. I am going to take a challenge from my friend Beth to post some self portraits of myself. I challenge anyone reading this to do the same.

Tatum the Bride.

Tatum and Chase cutting the cake. I really liked there cake. Very cute.

Most importantly the present that wins the prize for being the cutest package. What was in it Tatum? Maybe they can win the prize for best present too.


  1. what a beautiful wedding!! the girls looked so cute and Tatum is gorgeous! I agree with should post more pics of look amazing!

  2. Those are often the best photos to have. How nice for Tatum to have you and Niko there.

    Your girls look adorable. What a lovely wedding, and SUCH a beautiful bride! And that photo of you, Tassi is really pretty.

  3. Great pictures! It was fun having you guys there. The presidential photo makes me laugh. Be sure and vote for me...