Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Exploring in the Forest/Backyard

Brooklyn's new favorite activity is exploring. She loves when Camden takes a nap because that is her and my time to explore in the backyard. She walks through the wooded part saying things such as, "Wow, it is so amazing!", "This is a beautiful forest.", "Why do people live in the middle of the forest?" It has been really fun for the both of us and better than watching TV. We finally took Camden out exploring today. Sadly she did not enjoy it that much. I think She fell in every hole and mud pit along the way.

Brooklyn and her telescope.

Brooklyn pointing in the direction we need go.

The first exploration finding, poop. I had to pull back Brooklyn's fingers before it was touched.

The second exploration finding, a bone.

This is her favorite spot out in the forest.

Brooklyn thought it was so cool she could jump across the water. She kept telling me not to worry.

Camden not having a very good time.

Camden trying to catch up to Brooklyn and just before she fell into mud.


  1. That is so cool!! I wish my backyard was a forest!! The biggest thing in my backyard is our swingset...however, there might be some chicken bones from our neighbors party they had last weekend and there is probably also some kind of animal poop back there too...

  2. How did you score THAT setup?! Seriously, you don't even NEED toys when there is a forest to explore! My kids are jealous!