Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yipppeee!!! Snow Day!!!

We have been praying for snow. Brooklyn wakes up this morning and immediately says her prayers have been answered. We woke up to 4" of snow and it is still going. This is the most we have seen since we have lived here. It is so beautiful. I love the sound of the snow falling.

Camden does not have real snow clothes. I found my old yellow rain coat and turned it into pants for Camden. They don't look real attractive but they kept her warm.

Brooklyn is wearing her snow suit we got her when we lived in Pittsburgh. She refuses to hand it down even though she is close to flood height.

Camden was like this if I was not holding onto her hands. She did not like being left alone.

Stay tuned in for more pictures.


  1. No way!!! So funny that right after you told me how it never snows, you got 4 inches! I LOVE the picture at the top of your blog and the pic you did of Brooklyn with the texture added. Pretty impressive, Tass!

  2. I love this! My girls were exactly the same way. Lily was in the thick of it, and Abby was bawling her little head off until I took her in the house. Of course, I didn't have an old raincoat to use as snow gear, so maybe she would be less of a pansy with the appropriate attire? Nah, probably not. :)

    We should have had y'all come over for some sledding fun! Next time, for sure.

  3. You got more than we did. We woke up to only a dusting, and had about 2 inches by lunch, but then it all melted quickly. The kids did get to stay home from school - they were so very excited. That means they only have one day of school this week. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  4. looks like so much fun!

    my sister's husband actually owns grocerysmarts and is affiliated with pinchingyourpennies. I used to make the lists that they published. i might start doing it here, so i'll have to get you to recruit all your az friends!

  5. SO cute! It's so fun to see the kids in the snow! They are getting so big!