Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brooklyn and her good deed

Brooklyn: Mom, can I make a card for one of our neighbors.
Me: Sure.
Brooklyn: (moments later) Mom, how do I give it to them.
Me: Which neighbors are you taking it to?
Brooklyn: (Points in the direction of their house.)
Me: You can ring their doorbell or drop it off on their doorstep.
Brooklyn: Well, how do I take it over with no shoes on?
Me: Go put shoes on. (Thinking she would get her shoes and ask me for help.)
I then wait a few moments with no return from Brooklyn. I walk out to the front room and notice she is not in the house. I look outside and she is already at the neighbors handing them the card. She was over there for a few minutes. I then watch her walk back with a bowl of cookies and trying to keep herself from eating the cookies before she came inside.

I was so proud of her for wanting to do something nice for someone. She really can be a sweetie.

Just a side note. We are the only house in our circle with kids. We stand out a lot to the other neighbors.


  1. I do too! I don't think I tell you and Brandon and Tait and Bethany enough, how much I appreciate the kind of parents you have been to my grandchildren. Thank you!

  2. YEAH Brooklyn. She must get that bravery and kindness from her mom.