Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Impromptu Beach Trip!

Last Saturday was expected to reach 91 degrees where we live. We decided there could be no better way to spend that 91 degrees than at the beach. We had a blast and were very tired by the time we returned home.

The girls stayed in the tide pools for a good part of the time.
Beach Trip-1233

Beach Trip-1231

Camden was in heaven. The moment she saw the water she started the laughing and squeals. I don't think it ever stopped until she fell asleep in the car.

Beach Trip-1230
She would run back and forth having a difficult time deciding between the tide pools and the actual ocean waves.
Beach Trip-1229

Brooklyn loved the beach just as much. She took her sand building very seriously. She even made herself a reclining chair in the sand.
Beach Trip-1232
Brooklyn's idea of a great pose.
Beach Trip-1227

Brandon and the sun don't get along very well. This tent was a very nice place for him to chill. He was also the food distributor for those of us with sandy hands.
Beach Trip-1225

We are up for more trips to the beach this summer if anyone is interested. However I think we do better with a beach trip we have prepared for.


  1. I want to run away there and be a beach bum, but then I would need my whole family to run away with me. That might get a little crowded if it was permanent. Oh well, I guess we really need to plan a vacation there. All of us!!!! P.S. The girls look adorable in their cute swimsuits.

  2. That looks so lovely. I wish we could meet you there! I love the pics!

  3. I'm ready, let's go! Let's all plan a date and do it.

  4. Im jealous. I want to be there with the girls but im still scared to get in the water:( Can we go to a different beach?

  5. If you come Tatum, we will go to a different beach.