Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sneaky Dad

Tassi is helping out at a girls youth camp this week. That means I have Brooklyn and Camden to myself. (With the generous help of friends during working hours.)

One of Tassi's greatest attributes is that she thinks ahead. So, in this case, she left behind some simple gifts for our girls. One to be delivered each day.

The first night was glow sticks. The girls **loved** them. And fell asleep with them. I gathered them up and put them on the nightstand.

The next morning I woke to a shrieking four-year-old. Brooklyn was upset that her glow stick disappeared in the night. She was confused how it could happen. When I explained what I had done she asked, "So, did you tiptoe into our room while we were asleep?" "Yes," I responded. "How did you get around this that squeaks?" pointing to a spot known in our family for significant squeaking in her second floor bedroom. I then demonstrated how I walked around the rocking chair, straddled her bed, obtained the glow stick, straddled her sister's bed, obtained the second glow stick and then exited the room without making the floor squeak.

To that display of masculine elegance Brooklyn replied in a serious dead-pan tone, "Dad, please don't be so sneaky in my room."

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  1. What a great story! I didn't know Tassi was going to Girls' Camp or that you would be solo parenting. What a wonderful bonding time.

    I'm glad you have documented some of life's insights from Brooklyn's perspective. With Tassi's artistic photography and your ability to capture events in words, you two could create an amazing journal/book/parenting manual!