Monday, August 10, 2009

I Need Help!

I am going to come right out and say it. I am not a decorator and can't even pretend I am a decorator. As most of you know we have a baby boy coming this November. I had a design in my head that I wanted to do for the girls however with the change in gender the design needs to accomadate a boy.

Here is a painting I want to use as my inspiration painted by my very talented friend Beth Allen.
Beth Allen Painting

I want to have fun with different fabrics. I want to go less expensive on sheeting and add my own embellishments if needed. Lets face it pottery barn bedding or boutique bedding is out of my budget.

My plan first is to find fabric to make my own upholstered headboards.
I know I can make that cheaper than Pottery Barn.

Then coordinate bedding with headboards. Remember it needs to be able to coordinate with a boy but still be girly for their beds.

So I need help finding out different designers, great places to buy these fabrics, and any other commentary on my ideas. All advice is welcome.


  1. hey tassi,
    have you checked out Jennica Komenda's decorating website?
    she is about to have her 3rd girl...but she has good ideas.
    We just set up our kids room. all three kids will share it and i wanted to stay away from a specific gender and "babish" things. Our kids will be sharing rooms for a while and I don't want to bum out an 8 year old boy if we have to throw a white and powder blue crib in his room- so I went with all wood for the beds and then if I painted stuff tried to stay with more bold colors instead of pastel. You can see our shared kids room on my blog- it is no desiger room, just thrifted and painted stuff. And I have no patience for sewing anything other than quit tops- so no fancy things like that... I've had a lot of luck getting things on clearance- but it takes longer to collect a whole room worth of matching stuff that way.

  2. I will send you some links to my fav decorating sites. I always check out goodwill/thrift stores for good finds, or things that can be tweaked to become good finds. I'm excited for your new decorating adventure. I'd love to come see your home. . . maybe you could post a picture of the room how it is now to get some ideas flowing. :)

  3. Beth I will add some photos of the room.

    Heidi that is a great website. What Komenda is she married too? I am excited to try out some of her projects.

    Hooray for projects!

  4. Totally in love with that painting. My uncle, who is a designed, always told me to be inspired by one thing: a blanket, a fabric, a painting - whatever. So you are SO on the right track.

    I am zero help as well. Not even close to a designer. My only philosophy is to keep it simple. Less is more.

    Can't wait to see!!!

  5. tassi,
    our non private blog is Mud and Music...mud for me- music for nate.