Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Twilight Writing Process

If you are not familiar with the phenomenon known as Twilight, crawl out from under a rock.

My experience in reading the series isn't as nuanced as it appears others' is. Nevertheless, I found myself strangely drawn to read them despite them putting me in a foul mood because of the Bella character's incessant "me, me, me" attitude.

One particular aspect that I found a bit annoying is the physical depictions from the first person perspective of the Bella character. They are colorful but unvaried. It seems to me that there are a handful of adjectives that get mish mashed together to generate newer descriptions.

"I looked into his perfect, golden honey eyes."

"Tousled hair."

"I pressed my face against his chiseled marble, Roman, ice cold chest."

It is like Stephanie Meyer had those poetry magnets and assembled them together when writers block kicked in.

I think what frustrates me most is not that the series has garnered so my hype. What frustrates me is that I was actually entertained reading the series. Yes, make no mistake. This is Brandon writing, not Tassi.

As an outlet for this frustration, I created a simple web application that allows you (yes, you) to string words together to make phrases that describe Edward, Jacob, and Bella.

Have fun.


  1. Oh, Brandon. Where to begin?

    1-I love that you read Twilight AND are man enough to admit it. Especially so publicly.
    2-You make much better use of your solitude than my husband does. Reading and coding for fun. WOW!
    3-I never knew just how geeky you really are. That app is freaking AWESOME! I'll probably be sitting here playing with it 'til church starts.
    4-You are HILARIOUS!

    Have a good one! :)

  2. I second everything that Rachel said. Hilarious!

  3. I am laughing so hard. I had no idea that the series affected you so profoundly. I also think that your girls better hurry home.