Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brooklyn's First Day of School

My Brooklyn is headed off to 2nd grade. It is crazy to think that I have very vivid memories of being this age and now I have a child this age. Am I really turning into my parents. I did not realize I was getting old. Oh wait I will realize I am getting old after I get up from writing this post. Here are the classic back to school photos. I will sneak in a few of Camden and Dallin. Camden will start preschool next week and could not be more excited. I love my kids!
My  kids 4
My  kids 3
My  kids 2
My  kids 1
My  kids 5
My  kids 6
My  kids 7
My  kids 8


  1. Beautiful children! I hope Brooklyn and Camden have a good school year. Lucky you to have sweet Dallin to keep you company!

  2. I love those faces!!!

  3. Brooklyn looks so big with her teeth missing! Her hair is getting long. Cute kids:)

  4. Look at those eyes Dallin has! What cute kids!

  5. They are all sooo cute! I love Dallin's eyes!!