Thursday, November 15, 2012


Photography. I love it! I have loved it ever since I started posing my stuffed animals, cabbage patch dolls, and barbies. I now do it with people. I love to capture people as naturally as possible in an unnatural situation. Most people don't show up to parks in coordinated clothing and walk along a path with all hands being held.

I just did a photo shoot this past weekend in a very popular photo shoot location. The intimidation factor always goes up when many of the photographers show up with all their gear. Many different lenses, reflectors, and many props.

I have decided the more photo shoots I do the less I need. However a girl can always dream about different photo gear.

I have also found I need photo shop less. The better I have gotten with my settings the less I am trying to make the photo look better with photo shop. I have come to the conclusion that photo shop can't fix poor in camera settings it can only enhance good in camera settings. I do love photo shop for a good head swap. Here is a good example from a photo shoot this past weekend.
This is the straight out of camera version. Its fine as is. However it was a very dark gloomy day. I wanted to add some warmth in the photo and pump up the colors. Be careful with pumping some colors up because they can turn to neon. Yikes.

Here are some great photographers I like looking at. They are mainly wedding photographers which I am not nor will I ever be. I love their images. Julia Wade and Sloan photographers.

Here is my website. Tassi Photography

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