Monday, November 19, 2012


We had visitors. We love having family come for visits. We have been very fortunate to have family come out off and on since August. We recently had Tara (my sister), Kensington (Tara's daughter), and my mom. A week later my sister Tobi and her Husband showed up in NC. They were celebrating their anniversary and were nice enough to join us for a night.
halloween 11
halloween 5
halloween 4
halloween 13
halloween 7
The girls had so much fun in their princess costumes. Dallin however did not want to dress up in his simple Jedi costume I made him. Oh well.

Tobi and Ron with the girls. Not sure where Dallin is again. 


  1. We loved coming to visit! We miss you guys!

  2. did you make all those lovely dresses?!

  3. No Ali. Tara's mother in law made them for us.