Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Best Cook in the Whole Wide World

It is amazing how kids pick up on phrases. Tassi baked wheat bread today. It was delicious, as always. Really, beyond belief. Brooklyn (the almost 3 year old) is no stranger to it, as well. After taking a bit of slice smothered in butter and honey, she turned to Tassi and said, "Mom. You are the best cook in the whole wide world."


  1. Oh, please stop! You're killing me here with the picture and the "smothered in honey". When can I get some of this bread? Or a Tassi?

  2. Tassi, I dont know if you remember me but we used to work together for like a month at collins comfort masters. My name is Ellee. I never got to say good bye when he "let me go" I wanted to thank you for helping out so much there. I always liked you and wanted to become better friends. with you. I hope you dont mind me looking at your blog and contacing you. Your girls are so beautiful. Go look at my blog when you get a second. keep in touch.

  3. YUMMY! Well done Tass! I have always wanted to learn to make bread. What a good wife and mother you are.