Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reunion Down. Now for the Real Rest!

We just got back from a Edward and Linda (Brandon's parents) Smith family reunion. The reunion was in Nauvoo and we stayed in a large home that fit all 30 people. Yikes! I thought we were going to explode with as many kids that were in the house. We all survived and had a wonderful time. All of the kids were amazing and very well behaved for the most part under the circumstances. They all enjoyed dressing up in pioneer clothes and playing mob and mormons. The kids would start yelling the mob is here everytime an adult would come into this play log cabin. My wonderful Brooklyn took on the role of a pioneer mother. She came out of the cabin with a babydoll wrapped in blankets and sat down in a rocking chair and preceeded to lift her shirt up and begin nursing her babydoll. The pictures are from a mock handcart trek we did. The temple is amazing. We were lucky enough to perform a session. I literally felt like I was transported in time with a few nice modern conviences (air conditioning). I strongly recommend anyone that has not been there to take time to visit. Amazing and such a great testimony builder. I am so glad I was able to share it with my own family and my wonderful in-laws (not brown nosing, I really do mean that).

http://www.hyrumkimballinn.com/Village%20Home%20Info.html Great place to stay if going with a large group of family or friends. If planning on cooking full meals plan on bringing extra cooking equipment. Kitchens are not fully equipped for large party cooking.

Brooklyn and her cousin Madison.
Cute little Simon Smith.
Smith Family walked and walked and walked.


  1. What a fun reunion! Nauvoo is great. I learn more a more every time I go. The temple is amazing too. We are in the Nauvoo stake - did I tell you that? It's awesome. Sounds like a fun place you stayed at.

  2. What a fun trip, I've never been to any of those church history sites. Hearing about your trip makes me want to go!

  3. How fun, I'm glad you were able to see everyone and have such a fun gathering. Hope all is well! Take care!