Thursday, May 28, 2009

No rest for the weary

Tassi and I went on a date this last weekend and a friend from Church babysat for us for the first time. We told her that Brooklyn knows the bedtime routine. Upon consulting Brooklyn, she came away a bit skeptical of the Smith's nightly activities.

She fully believed Brooklyn's claim to teeth-brushing and prayers. Even nighttime kisses and hugs accompanied with a very specific blanket layering procedure was plausible (although she suggested to Brooklyn that it was not appropriate to get kisses and hugs from her that evening).

Nevertheless, our babysitter did not buy into Brooklyn's assertion that she "clean the house because that's what mommies and daddies do after children go to bed."


  1. That is great. And I just watched the "you are my sunshine" funny. She even knows the 2nd verse! And I hope you know that your backyard is like the Garden of Eden. Oh what I would do for a backyard.

  2. That is really funny! ... and sadly true, huh? - c'mon, the babysitter didn't go for it? What is it with babysitters these days? That's what I always did!

  3. I would like to clarify here that she specifically told me to wash the windows. Also, I would gladly accept hugs and kisses from your girls, B was the one who wouldn't put out. "We only hug moms and dads" I believe were her exact words.

  4. DanaLee, I should have this disclaimer at our front door for guests to read when they come into our home...

    Original life experiences in our home become our property upon execution. Your performance may be used in all print and electronic media. If it's used on the website only, you will not get paid for it. If selected, it may be edited for clarity or memory recall.

    Due to various considerations, even usable life experiences may not be published for six months or more. The competition for publication is intense; last year, we selected only a hundred stories from over a quarter-million life experiences. It may also take some time for your life experience to be considered; please don't inquire about the status of your life experience.

    We may run your life experience in anywhere on our blog, or elsewhere. If we observe related life experiences, we may combine them for comic effect.

    Joking aside, I should have asked you again exactly how it went down. The actual dialogue is even more funny... that Brooklyn had a specific task for your to do.

  5. *snicker* I like the disclaimer, Tass. I retract my complaint about modern babysitters. ;)