Sunday, May 24, 2009


Some time ago, Brooklyn watched Cast Away with us. If I remember correctly, she was just beginning to talk. So we think that she really was into the film because there is minimal dialogue; the plot if primarily driven by events that unfold on the screen. When Wilson, the ball, floated away, Brooklyn broke down crying.

Today we watched the film again. Initially she did not want to watch. But every time I asked if she wanted me to change the channel, she said that she wants to know what happens. I told her she has seen it before. When Tom Hanks' character begins to befriend Wilson the ball, Brooklyn began to ask a lot of questions. For instance, she wanted to know whether the man knew that the ball is not really a person. Also commenting that the man talks to Wilson like she talks to toys.

Thus, I began to wonder if when Wilson floats away would affect Brooklyn, now almost 5, like it did previously. When the scene came, she was laying on the couch with her head on my lap. The moment passed and, thinking that she made it through without tear, I told her that when she saw this movie before she had cried during that part. Brooklyn turned to look at me and laughed. And I kind of chuckled too.

And then she looked back at me, with a quivering lower lip, and asked why he is not going to get Wilson, why he would not just leave the raft and get his friend. She then stood up and asked her Mom for a hug.


  1. Chase and I went to the beach this weekend, and we had a good laugh remembering our last beach trip in NC when Chase kicked the ball into the water and Brooklyn took off after that ball and face planted in the water. But was so proud of her self for not letting the ball float away. I think Castaway scared her a little bit. Poor Wilson:(

  2. That is incredibly sweet. I'm all verklemped now. Thanks a lot!