Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who's that guy?

Today my new eyeglasses arrived in the mail. They are somewhat different. More bold. Plastic frames. Coincidentally, a haircut was due and it being a vacation day, I performed the errand. In the meantime Camden was taking her afternoon nap. When I got home, I could hear Camden moving around in her room, so I opened her door and she was playing behind a chair. Hearing me come into the room, she ran to me but then quickly did a double take and ran away with a frightened look. Camden cannot talk, but I know what thought went through her head... "Who's that guy?"


  1. Post a photo of the new look! I had a similar experience with Jena at 2 yrs. She was asleep and I put on some Mary Kay green cleansing mask on my face. She woke up crying so I went into help and she stopped, looked at me and backed up against the wall totally scared. She said, "no no monster mom". So cute. She thinks this story is hilarious now. Same with the flying scary pig dream (remember that?)

  2. I want to see a photo too!!!