Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm So Excited!

I finally found some fabric I love for the girls room. Well I think I could use it for every room in my house I love it that much. Of course I got the idea for this fabric from The Little Green Notebook. Her blog is definitely one to check out. I am going to make these pelmet boxes for their room. I think it will be fabulous.

I have so many projects that I am excited about. I can't wait to complete one and start a new one.


  1. That fabric is gorgeous!! Love it. Whats it called?

  2. i agree, the fabric is to die for. I've been wanting to make a pelmet box for hudson and violets room too. i will definitely have to see how it goes with yours.

  3. It's gorgeous and will look fantastic in their room!

  4. hmmmm...I might have to use that in my dining room. Good choice!