Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What? The School Year is Over!

Brooklyn finished kindergarten! I can't believe how fast the year went by. I only wish my school years would have gone by this fast. She loved just about everything. Her favorites were PE, recess, running the track, specials, and making crafts for family and friends.
Brooklyn at the beginning of the year.
First Day of Kindergarten
Brooklyn at the end of the year.
Brooklyn also lost another tooth.


  1. She looks older and wiser. Sheesh that year really did go by fast.

  2. I think she and Ella would get along swimmingly- those were all Ella's fav things too.

  3. TWO TEETH! I cannot wait to talk to her about this one.

  4. Beautiful Brooklyn! Such a sunshine girl. She makes me laugh just seeing or hearing her laugh! I miss all of you!

  5. It's amazing what a year can do! I think she really looks so much older in that second picture. I love that your mom got to come visit. Moms are the best!!