Thursday, June 03, 2010

My Moms

Well May is over. I am not sure where it ran off to. I originally stated I wanted to write a post every day about motherhood. Ha, ha, ha. Who was I kidding. I usual am crashing putting the kids to bed. However I did think a lot and did find myself looking at more positive parts of my life. The bottom line is I love it. That still means I have days that are difficult or I wish I were somewhere else.

I was blessed with an awesome mom. She can be silly at times and we tease her a lot. I miss being near her however we talk and email on average daily. She allows me to call and vent about the little things and the cool thing is she understands. My mom was a very loving mom and shows just as much or even more love towards my kids. I love when she comes for visits. I get a lawn buddy.

I was blessed with an incredible mother in law. I know a few people that can't say that. First she raised Brandon and from the stories I have heard that is a huge accomplishment. So there must be something great about her because I have Brandon. She shows a lot of love towards me as a daughter and also shares that love with my kids. I also miss being near my mother in law. I am thankful when she makes her visits out to see us in NC.

Crystal and Linda's Visit
So much to say but hard to express with a non functioning brain. I am thankful for my friends and family that are huge examples for me. I am also thankful for those that make things easier for me by watching my kids, holding my babies, and listening to me. Thanks!!!


  1. What a sweet post! Thanks, Tassi! I love being a mom and grandma (most of the time)! Sometimes I wish I could be somewhere else. Oh, wait, that would be in North Carolina where I'm still playing mom and grandma.

  2. Thank you for your kind sentiments. You have to admit that Brandon is very lovable :)

    I guess that is what being a mom is all about, loving, even when it is hard.

    Your children are loved and know it. So that means you are a great mom!