Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bad Luck

The above photo is from the past owners.

We have been trying to get our house painted for awhile. We have talked with a couple of painters. The painting quotes were too high, or the head painter came back to low ball his boss with his own quote, and the other painter won't return my calls. We have found a house with the paint we like. We have decided we definitely want to change the paint color. Painting cost a lot of money so why not change the house to something you love. The only thing it is really tricky finding the right color. I was so close to getting the colors I needed to paint our house. However bad luck and the painter that painted this other house will no longer return my calls. I have left messages with his wife/answering service for weeks. I then stumbled across this website that is very similar to the look we want. What do you think?

Photo from Cococozy
What is your favorite exterior paint colors?


  1. We love red doors! :) We wish we could have had such a cute house to paint though...Dustin could barely stand the stucco. And picking paint to make stucco like anything but a concrete prison was tough! It will be beautiful.

  2. LOVE IT!!! I wanted a red door too, but my HOA won't let me. So we went red on the inside.

  3. I want a yellow house with a red door and white shutters. I know my husband would never go for it, but I think it would really help separate our extremely common exterior from the rest of them. Plus, it would be way cute.

    I need to swing by and see what you ended up deciding on!