Thursday, February 03, 2011


Christmas was so much this year. I guess it usually is a lot of fun. However this Christmas was extremely fun for a budget minded gal. I love a good budget. I truly believe that a good budget will set you free. This year for Christmas we created a realistic gift giving budget which included extended family. We stuck to it very well. The end result was more thoughtful gifts were given to one another rather than just going crazy because we thought a kid would like something.

Last year we all got cool shirts that said Wright on the front with every name from Brandon's mom's side of the family. This year we got another cool shirt with the motto from the Wright Market Place stores that were owned in Mesa. I am hoping this is a new tradition. I love a good t-shirt with a story.
Christmas 7

Brandon chillin' in his new Christmas PJs from his momma.
Christmas 6

Brooklyn had a blast this year. She walked around Target with Brandon picking out many gifts for Camden. I think she was more excited to see Camden's reaction than what she got.
Christmas 5

Camden's pants look like this most of the day. The 5t shirt fit fine however the pants just could not seem to stay on that little bum.
Christmas 4

Dallin had fun with all the paper.
Christmas 3

This is one gift Brooklyn was excited to give to Camden. She was even willing to get rid of toys for this bean bag.
Christmas 2

I have to say the Kitchen was a selfish choice. I wanted a nice little kitchen that would fit in their dormer and coordinate with the decor. They do love it and play with it often.
Christmas 1

This year North Carolina received snow on Christmas night and into the next day. It was exciting. I love Christmas.


  1. that is a very cute kitchen! ours has been out in our playhouse and has got hit hard by the outside elements- aka dog and hot hot sun. it is much better to keep them inside.

  2. HAHA! Fun Christmas! I can attest to Camdens pajama pants being like that 95% of the time that she wears them. I miss you guys...

  3. I picked up our first kitchen on a street in Pittsburgh. The kitchen was taking up a lot of space. The kitchen is small but not too small. The humidity here would destroy the kitchen.