Monday, June 11, 2007

Here are a few interesting websites I received from a friend. I have some good friends that are helping me be more environmentally conscious. Another thing I have learned from my gardening research is become a coffee addict. Just kidding you don't have to drink it but you can pick up coffee grounds from Starbucks, crunch eggshells into them, and put them around your plants. It helps fertilize and keep pest away. And you also decrease the chances of chemicals from fertilizer getting into the water. ( I think this website is a bit frightening. I don't think you can totally prevent the things your family is susceptible but at least you know what you are putting on.)

For someone like me that is very thrifty with different items I like this list of organic foods because then I can buy those things organic that contain chemicals and feel like I am helping out in some way.

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