Sunday, June 24, 2007

Surviving 72 Hours

Our family needs a 72 hour kit. Does anyone have some good ideas for food they put in their kit? I would appreciate some good ideas.


  1. We have done some for enrichment here and there and we put tuna fish, hard candy's, juice boxes and water, fruit by the foot, instant oatmeal packets, hot chocolate packets, gum, individually packaged crackers, granola bars, don't forget utensils and napkins. as well as a can opener for the tuna, or you could also do canned chicken if you don't like tuna. anyway, there are a few suggestions. good luck.

  2. In our 72 hour kits we put things that our kids would eat if something was to happen. We also sealed the stuff in silver bags that are pretty durable. We used one of those sealing machines to make them air tight.