Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

My most favorite memory of Valentine's Day is every year we would wake up to our family room decorated by my father and a yummy breakfast made. I have decided to carry on that tradition with my family. This year I decided to do more. The girls loved it and Brandon even got in on it.


These are the twirly skirts I had mentioned in an earlier post. They turned out very cute.

P.S. Many more post to come. I never even posted Christmas. Will do later. It is never too late, right?


  1. your girls looked SO cute in those skirts on Saturday. sure hope mine turn out... apparently Lily is very into twirling right now. i tend to think it has something to do with spending time with Brooklyn. i'm happy for anything that's going to invite a little more femininity! ;)

  2. The skirts turned out cute, cute, cute. Great job!

  3. How cute and fun, tassi! I love the skirts! They are adorable. Way to go!