Monday, February 23, 2009

Visit from GoGo and BaBa!

We love having visitors especially when they are grandparents. I lived very close to my grandparents. My girls live very far from their grandparents however their love for them is no different than what mine was for my grandparents. It is always a treat when family comes into town. We welcome more to join us here for visits or maybe live here.

Brandon and his mommy.

Edward is always making friends with random people.

I love this picture of Gillian and Brandon.

All of the cousins together. It took awhile to get the kids in a position that they liked. Well I guess it was just my kids causing the problems.

Everyone enjoying lunch at the local Red Robin. Lots of eating out when family is in town.

The girls looking darling and clean before church.

Can't wait to have you out again.


  1. Your girls have the prettiest smiles! I love the cousins picture at the park.

  2. I like all your posting you have been doing lately!! maybe me and Chase can be one of the people to move their:) that would be fun!!!

  3. I am counting on it Tatum. Thanks Amanda.

  4. We had so much fun! I wish I could see you all more often. Thanks for the great time.