Monday, February 16, 2009

Pittsburgh Trip

Just before Christmas we had the opportunity to drive up with Brandon to Pittsburgh, PA. We have not been up there since Brandon's graduation from Carnegie Mellon. Brandon was meeting with some students at Carnegie Mellon for work so we took the opportunity for all of us to go. We were able to stay at our friends Scott and Margie. Here are some fun pictures from the trip.

We also went over to our old house to visit with our friends and Landlords whiled we lived there. They have since moved to the downstairs where we lived and have totally changed the look of the house. They tore up the nasty shag dark brown carpet and magically found beautiful wood floors underneath.

Brooklyn loved their hill in their backyard.

Camden not so much.

This is Rex. This picture almost looks as if he is trying to lick is nose clean.

This is Felix. He was almost a year when we moved from Pittsburgh. Brooklyn had a lot of fun with both boys.

Margie and Scott were very nice to allow us to stay at their house even after some other friends of ours were visiting over Thanksgiving weekend.

Camden was pretty much stuffed into her jacket and snow pants.

Saying goodbye. I love the look on Felix's face.


  1. We love Pittsburgh! It really made me miss it reading your post. Margie is awesome to let all of the old gang come and camp out. We would love to go back there some time too!

  2. We had a blast with you guys! It feels like family when we get together with our "college Pittsburghers". You took some great pictures. When I see that picture of Camden I laugh thinking about her rolling in the snow trying to stand up with all her gear on, and how we could have helped her up, but it was too cute watching her get up on her own! You have such an adorable family, and we will make it down to NC to visit you! Ralphie, you guys are more than welcome here, too!

  3. I am sorry we missed you guys! Hopefully we can connect next time you are here! The girls are so darn cute!