Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bean Dip

Tassi attended a friend's baby shower. Thus, I had Brooklyn and Camden alone and wanted to treat them to a special dinner. Of course, Brooklyn initially voted for her favorite Chick-fil-a but she and I finally negotiated on "messidan food". (She hasn't been able to correctly pronounce "Mexican food".)

So we found ourselves at Los Tres Magueyes playing tic-tac-toe in a booth. Brooklyn on one side and Camden and I on the other. After ordering for myself and the girls, I asked "Is there bean dip?" "No," was the waiters reply, much to my dismay.

Our food came and we started to chow down. Camden put some of her food in my face. It looked like bean dip and I immediately began to resent that the waiter lied to me. "Hey, there's bean dip," I thought.

And then I smelled it.

My head whipped down to look where Camden is standing on the booth bench. A puddle of diarrhea pooled from shoe to shoe as balanced herself, leaning over me, shoving the feces into my face, trying to communicate her accident.

"Dapa dapa," Camden was saying (Diaper).

I nearly gagged. I quickly signaled to the waiter and asked for the check and boxes. The stench was beginning to spread. I could not tell if the neighboring booth could smell the offensive, hanging scent.

Needless to say, my appetite for bean dip has dissipated.


  1. No. No! NO! I can't believe it. That is completely awful. IN YOUR FACE?! Oh my word. I'm awe struck. Not in a good way. The only phrase I can think of is (and I mean this truly in the most sincere sense) bless you heart. Bless both of your hearts!! That is the most awful thing I've ever heard! I've got to hear the story told live. I can't even imagine.

  2. That is disgusting!!!! I can just imagine the look on everyones face in the restaurant! I hope Chase has to deal with that at some point when we have kids:)

  3. What a dad! Maybe you should share this experience by writing an updated version of the book, "Everyone Poops." You could title yours, "Everyone Gets Diarrhea."

  4. That is the worst, grossest diaper experience ever! And I've heard and experienced quite a few. I'm not eating bean dip for awhile either.

  5. Ah, GROSS! Thanks for sharing. Luckily I wasn't eating at the time. Poor poor Camden. And I kind of feel sorry for you.