Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Speech

The speech is live in 30 minutes.

I read it last night and think it is funny that people are complaining that President Obama refers to himself too much. "He says 'I' too much," says one comment on foxreport.com among many with that theme.

Of course Obama refers to himself. Remember, he is speaking to children ages 5 to 18. His rhetoric will be different than his normal public appearances. Teaching with stories and finding common ground to relate to the children is essential to make the message of setting goals and taking responsibility for your individual education.

And note the irony of parents keeping their children out of school to avoid hearing a message of staying in school.


  1. I think people are digging for SOMETHING wrong in his speech. I've already heard it. It is ok that someone that they do not like has something good to say. I don't like Oprah and the way she is idolized, but if she gave this speech to school children I'd be ok with it. It is a good message.

  2. Good message, but I feel there is an ulterior motive. Is he not just trying to regain trust more than anything?

  3. The problem was not with the speech!