Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ultimate Doorstop

"Daddy! Camden is trying to close the door!" Brooklyn called out from the girls bedroom after we put them to bed. Lately Camden has been intentionally doing little things that irritate Brooklyn. Closing the door after bedtime is very much one of those things.

"Brooklyn, Camden is only closing the door because of the way you are reacting to her," I reply.

But my explanation at psychology did not sink in, usually indicated by an "Oh, I know what I can do, daddy!"

So I prompted Brooklyn further, "So, if Camden is only closing the door because you get mad and call out to mommy and me, what do you think is the easiest thing for you to do to get her to stop closing the door."

"Oh, I know, daddy."

I think to myself, "There's my girl," feeling her realize that she should refrain from overreacting to Camden's prodding.

Brooklyn continues, "I can find something big, heavy, and invisible and put it in front of the door."


  1. okay. that beans post made me throw up in my mouth a little. gross. but totally something that would happen to us. I guess part of being a parent. :)And I like the way Brooklyn thinks. Totally reasonable.

  2. I love the bean dip post. hilarious. aren't kids fun?

  3. Not sure if I'll ever be able to look at bean dip the same way after that one. Love the doorstop story.

  4. ha, ha... kids are the best! And Parker Higgins is my cousin. His mom and my dad are siblings. SMALL world!