Saturday, September 05, 2009

What gives ... ?

Here is the story. I am a large pregnant woman. My babies have no place to go but out since I don't have much of a torso. Well here are two scenarios.

Church Lady: Wow so when are you due?
Me: Oh November 16th is my scheduled c-section.
Church Lady: Oh dear you look way too big to be due then.
Me: (hide offense) Oh yeah. (end conversation quickly)

Target Lady: Oh bless your heart you are due with your third.
Me: Oh thanks. (Not sure what people mean when they say that. Are they giving me a blessing of survival because I will now be a mother of three?)
Target Lady: So when are you due?
Me: I am due November 16th
Target Lady: Oh there will be no way you will make it ALL THE WAY to November. (Saying this while glaring at my popped belly.)
Me: Well good talking to you.

Seriously though my stories are pretty minimal compared to what I have heard other friends go through while pregnant. People seem to think they can say whatever, touch wherever, and offer any kind of advice while pregnant.

I am not trying to say I am perfect. I know I have offended at times. Do you think it would be possible for me to tell people things like "Wow you are looking old. You don't look like you are going to last too much longer." or "You look like you are going to pop. Have you ever thought about joining a gym or Gastrointestinal surgery."

I really think there is no need to tell a pregnant lady she is large. We all know it. Why state the obvious?


  1. OK, seriously. What gives is right! For the most part I can handle the uninvited advice and other thoughtless remarks, but the touching? The touching makes me want to touch right back in the form of a punch to the face.

    And for the record... you look amazing. I definitely don't think you look like you're pregnant with your third child, and when you reminded me of your due date last week, I was surprised because I was certain you weren't due 'til December.

  2. my sentiments exactly!

  3. I totally agree. People think they can spout off their opinions on anything that has to do with your children or procreation. Butt out!

  4. Ha,ha! I guess you can either laugh or cry, right? Tass, I think you are a darling pregnant lady!

  5. Agreed! I had a guy tell me I looked fat when I was pregnant with Jonah. His wife also told me that I had a huge belly 3 days after I had Jonah. Social skills, people!

  6. a friend came up and touched my tummy and poked in my pokie belly button. I told her it was sort of like a nipple sticking out. i hope she felt comfortable about poking in my third nipple!!
    Then...another friend, who just had a baby always touches my tummy when she sees me. I just don't get it. I cannot imagine going up to a woman and touching her belly. oh, that same friend also told me...oh you don't even look pregnant.. just "thicker". Honestly, I'd rather look pregnant than "thick" !!!

  7. I don't understand people. Seriously, it is NEVER okay for a person to comment on another's fatness-prego or not. You should have just asked when they are due! Well, Tassi, I think you are cute.

  8. You know my feeling about this one. I totally understand. But it's not just pregnancies. This month a lady at WalMart looked at Crew and asked, "what happened to his hair?". Me: Pause thinking did she really ask that. "He was born a bald baby". Lady: "Oh, my babies had hair". Okay. People are either ignorant or autobiographical in all things. Probably both.