Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A family of beautiful redheads.

Why do people even open their mouths in public? For those that know me well know I come from a large family of beautiful redheads. So no big deal for me when Camden's hair was looking red. Here is a conversation I had with a lady the other day in a store.

Lady: I love the color of her hair!

Me: Thanks! I do too.

Lady: Well, she probably won't like it when she is older.

Me (thinking): Why won't she like her hair when she is older?

Me: Well, she comes from a large family with many redheads. I don't think it will ever be a problem for her.

Lady: Well, it is not obnoxious red. It is just brownish red.

Me (thinking): What!!! What is obnoxious red? She obviously can't pay me a compliment without insulting me.

Me: Well she comes from a family with many bright beautiful redheads so again I don't think it will be a problem? (Exiting the store quickly before I say anything more.)

My beautiful Camden.

My beautiful family.

My beautiful niece Gillian.


  1. So weird. We keep ordering a red head. No luck so far!

  2. hmm do i need to go find that lady? I will tell her how it is! Id rather be a redhead then her nappy ugly hair color! I wish i would have been there cause i would have snapped out on her.... us redheads are feisty:)

  3. Go RED! I'm still wishing for one if my family too. What color was her hair????

  4. She was just jealous! Somebody told Gillian that her hair seems to be getting darker. Gillian began to cry and said, "but then I won't be special". Well, I'll need teach her that she is special no matter what color her hair is. But I do get stopped everywhere we go, by people telling her how beautiful her hair is. I think it is GREAT! Thanks for including her picture.

  5. I am not sure how to describe her hair. It obviously was not natural. Gillian should have no worries. Tell Gillian, Tara's hair is a darker red and still very beautiful and special.

  6. i was so excited when ella was born and her hair looked a little reddish. Well, that didn't last long, it is obviously not red anymore, but I have always LOVED red hair. Way to go on your seedlings, too! I miss doing that. I miss the fertile land! Maybe someday. :) How is your running injury doing?

  7. the things complete strangers feel comfortable saying to me NEVER ceases to amaze me.

    my grandmother has the MOST beautiful red hair. i keep hoping i'll get a red head too. maybe the next one...

  8. I LOVE red hair! What on earth is WRONG with people?!?

  9. THIS is the reason why I'm glad I'm deaf, so I can "ignore" people who try to talk to me in public. Oh well...they probably think I am a snot, but seriously...I'm so glad I don't have to encounter awkward/rude comments like that! I think redheads ROCK...especially your family!

  10. What??? I always loved your families red hair! I want a little girl with red hair, maybe it will happen!

  11. haha. Wow, how do you meet all these people? I love how many shades of color we have in America! In Mexico you have, black, black, brownish-black, and people who dye their hair other crazy colors in effort to have variety. lol.

  12. You are very good for restraining yourself. Some people. Your family are the most beautiful readheads I have ever seen.