Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zoo Trip with the Colemans

This past week we were able to take a day off and spend it at our zoo with family. It is a very large zoo so we were not able to see the whole zoo. On their map we noticed they had a Sonora Desert exhibit. Among the main attractions listed on the map are reptiles, roadrunners, and cacti. Oh wow, I was so disappointed we were not able to make it over to see the cacti. Yipppeee! Very exciting. Here are some fun pictures on this outing.

These three were my favorite exhibit. They are so adorable.

Jordan and Madison are so cute. I am so thankful they love being around us even though they are both embarking on the teenage years. I hope they will always enjoy being with us.

Brooklyn had a lot of fun at the zoo. She loves being around her cousins.

Ethan was very serious about imitating a Gorilla. He told us how much he loves Gorillas. He can talk a lot. Brandon tried to out talk him but was not able to succeed.

Gillian thinks it is fun to turn away when I have the camera. I usually catch her when I call her name.

These two girls have so much fun with one another.

This is them not having a lot of fun with one another.

Ethan really wanted to show me how he would hatch out of the large egg. He has an amazing imagination.


  1. So fun! I love the zoo here. It's nice to go someplace where they're not cooped up in a small cage. I always leave feeling so sad for the animals when they're stuck in a zoo like that. The habitat they have for the elephants is my favorite.

    Glad you had such a nice day weather wise. It looked beautiful!

  2. I haven't been on your blog in a while, and so now that I have, I have so many things to say! Your girls looked terrific on Easter! They're so precious! The zoo is always a trip, and Collin and I decided on the way to school this morning that for our 1 year anniversary we want to come to NC! We haven't seen you guys in far too long, and on our honeymoon we went to the beech, so we decided we could hit up Myrtle or something and make a tradition of it! Let us know what you think!! And also, the Wedding Singer musical must have been somethin' else!! I can only imagine!

  3. The cacti would be the most exciting thing to see!! Woohoo! My favorite part of the Phx Zoo is the wild dogs...I think they basically went down to "the rez" and grabbed a few, it's kind of funny!

  4. you're blogs are so fun to read! i love going to the zoo still and i have no kids ha ha. what's your email so i can write you mine's