Friday, March 28, 2008

The Wedding Singer Musical

I can remember this one summer when my friends and I would go to the dollar theater to watch wedding singer. We went sometimes three times a week because we had to take friends that had not seen it. We would then proceed to dance in the theater at the end of the movie. Lots of good memories with this movie.

Well for my birthday present Brandon bought us tickets to go see "The Wedding Singer Musical." Thanks to Tiffaney and Todd for watching our girls over night we were able to make it a whole evening of fun.

The dancing and singing was great! I did not get up and dance at the end. I think I would have embarrassed Brandon too much. But like the movie I will forever have good memories of going and seeing the play. Thanks Brandon!


  1. How fun! I totally remember that Summer in the movie theatre!! Great memories!

  2. okay, i totally suck! when was your birthday? HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY, TASSI--I HOPE IT WAS FANTASTIC! we have to go to dinner or something in honor of YOU! i happen to even have a babysitter here this week....let me know!