Sunday, September 16, 2012

Camden's First Day of School

Camden is the main reason why we switched schools. We chose to have her placed in a Cross Categorical Kindergarten class. What does that mean you ask? I have no idea. My basic understanding is for those kids that don't need the constant care but would be lost in a regular developing Kindergarten class. Camden has come a long way but still struggles with grade level requirements. She has her CCK class and also attends a regular developing Kindergarten class for her specials and some letter instruction. She also has both speech and occupational therapy outside of school. She is a very busy child. She comes home pretty wiped out and ready to hit the sack much earlier than her siblings. She is a very happy girl most of the time and is learning to work through a lot of her issues. We are very proud of her.
Camden's First Day of School 3
Camden's First Day of School 2
Camden's First Day of School 1


  1. I've been enjoying all your posting lately! I agree, school is long and hard for these little kiddos, esp with homework. They need more active time to play. At least it is nice there and not a billion degrees. ;)